I think I’m turning into a bear…

Or at least, I’ve been hibernating like one. This has been one cold, nasty winter. Instead of writing and reading as much as I should be or want to be, I’ve been sleeping. The past weekends, I’ve been averaging 15 hours a day. I just have to remind myself that February is almost over. It will get warm again soon. And at least there’s more sun each day.

In addition to two novels I hope to self-publish, I have one where I’m aiming for the more traditional route. I tried one round of query letters, and it wasn’t working, so hopefully this week I’ll get another version written. On top of that, a site called Manuscript Wishlist has one entry that (I hope!) matches my book to a ‘T’.

This week as well, I have to go back to the cover I was working on for the Fortune Teller and do one more read-through of the MS before a final edit.

Good thing it’s only Monday. And hopefully I’ve had enough sleep by now that I can burn the midnight oil a little more.