My first post … on this blog …

I’ve written several novels and have at least a dozen others in the works. While pitching one to agents and climbing up the walls while I research, pitch and wait, I’ve decided to try self-publishing an older novel of mine.

I’m going to try first with one called The Fortune Teller. I’ve never tried getting it published via the traditional route because it’s a paranormal romance, which I keep hearing is a ‘dead’ genre. It might not be, but I figured it would be a good book to get my feet wet with in the self-publishing world.

I have to admit, as someone who still buys books primarily from ‘box and mortar’ stores, that I have my own biases to overcome when it comes to going this route. I’ve downloaded a few very enjoyable books on my Kindle app and I have no idea how these authors ended up on there – I didn’t look. After doing a search by genre, I¬†went by the blurb, along with a sample of the writing. So I imagine other people probably do the same.

It’s also been fun designing the book cover and I’ve used the same font and colours as my profile picture on here. It helps that I have an art background anyway and like doing that kind of thing already.

The book itself isn’t quite finished yet. After editing the entire thing and making some tweaks here and there, I’m letting it sit, so I can go at it again with a fresh set of eyes. At some point I’ll have to kill my inner perfectionist or at least gag and lock it in a basement so I can hit that ‘publish’ button once and for all.