A Confession Lost Momentum

Around when I made my last post on here, a call came to my house from some friends of my sister-in-law that she’d been rushed to the hospital. The next day we were consenting to surgery to excise a very large tumor that turned out to be a particularly aggressive form of cancer. That was the first of three things blindsiding my family. I did keep writing, and reading the entire time, but pulled back on the querying or publishing or promotional side for a while. Needed to recharge the batteries, as it were. So I gave myself a year off from that (while finishing projects, mind – always be writing and reading if being a writer is your goal!) and am now looking to self-publish an older project while I query a different one, just to see how it goes.Meanwhile to deal with grief and the loss of the remaining member of his immediate family he got into horse racing and we are now in the midst of purchasing a young gelding, who’s been well-cared for by our trainer. Being out in the country, being around lots of animals, is very good for the soul in a way that it’s easy for an urbanite (mostly urbanite, part of my childhood was rural) like me to forget.



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